What is a scale-up?

A scale-up is a company with strong growth in its workforce or revenue, typically by more than 20% per year.

Who is targeted by this initiative?

We support innovation-driven companies that meet a set of criteria and have been registered for at least three years in the Vaud business register.

What are the criteria for become a Vaud Scale-Up?

To be a Vaud Scale-Up, a company has to:
• Have job growth of at least 20% per year for two years in a row
• Have at least 10 employees on permanent contracts (Vaud or Swiss)
• Have been registered in the Vaud business register for at least three years
• Operate in a high-tech or innovative field

Can a SME be a scale-up?

Yes. Being a scale-up depends mostly on a company’s growth rate. If a firm meets the criteria, it can be a Scale-up.​

What happens if a Scale-Up’s growth rate slows?

The Scale Up Vaud label is an annual label. The eligibility criteria are validated again each year for every scale-up company, one of the principal criteria being to show a yearly growth of 20% at least (in term of jobs or revenues). Companies that do not fulfill the annual 20% growth criteria anymore remain members of the Scale Up Vaud initiative and are still referenced on the website.

Why did you decide to support scale-ups?

Scale-ups are one of the key economic engines of a region. They offer a strong capacity to create jobs and innovative activites.

How many scale-ups are there in Vaud?

We estimate between 20 and 30; new scale-ups emerge regularly. They can take part in our initiative automatically if they meet the criteria and want to participate.​

Are other regions supporting scale-ups?

Several other regions have recognized the importance of supporting scale-ups to bolster economic development. Learn more about these initiatives:


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