The initiative

Scale Up Vaud is an initiative spearheaded by Innovaud, Canton de Vaud's innovation agency.

We firmly believe that creating an environment that supports the expansion and regeneration of innovative, high-tech companies is essential to the prosperity of our Canton.

While many programs already exist to support entrepreneurs in the startup phase, companies that have grown beyond this phase still face business development challenges and have a whole new set of needs. In the high-tech industry, such firms can be tempted to move away from Vaud and relocate their operations elsewhere.

The Scale Up Vaud initiative was therefore launched to support companies in the growth phase and help them respond to various external factors that could affect their business.

By working directly with these companies, we aim at reinforcing the innovation ecosystem, bringing all stakeholders together, and catalyzing the economic and entrepreneurial strengths of our region.

We act on four key levers of innovation