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SOPHiA GENETICS: towards data-driven medicine

Jurgi Camblong, alumnus from EPFL, CEO and co-founder of SOPHiA Genetics, aims at transforming medicine by moving from hypothesis-driven to data-driven medicine. We spoke with him at the Startup Champions Seed Night 2022 – a yearly event gathering investors and the best of Swiss and EPFL startups – about how being based in the canton of Vaud helped him grow his company, which reached the milestone of analyzing over one million genomic profiles and went public.


Ligentec’s photonic chips are set to power industry 4.0

Ligentec is a pioneer in a field that already sits at the cutting edge: photonic integrated circuits. Integrated circuits are the powerhouses of computer chips; they traditionally rely on electrons – hence the name “electronic circuits” – but photonic ones run on photons, which can be thought of as particles of light. This brings a number of advantages: photonic chips require considerably less energy than electronic ones and can pack much more computing power onto a smaller surface area. They open the door to an entirely new generation of high-tech robots, sensors, and quantum computers.


Akselos closes $16.5M funding round from investors

Akselos – leader in physics-based Digital Twins – today announces a $16.5 million funding round, with participation from AT Capital Group, Future Energy Ventures, Japan Energy Fund and Shell Ventures.


20 million for the Vaud scale-up company Nanolive

The Vaud-based scale-up Nanolive, a leading live cell imaging and analysis company, announces today that it has successfully completed the initial closing of US $20 million in the Series C-1 equity financing round of investment, led by a US-based and NASDAQ listed life science investor, and Taiwania Capital, the leading life science venture capital company based in Taiwan.


SWISSto12 leads ESA Micro-geostationary satellite project

A small but powerful European telecommunications satellite – the first of a series – is to be developed under a contract signed between ESA and the Vaud scale-up SWISSto12. The first satellite in this new product range is due for launch in 2025.


Scale-up Unit8 named first fastest growing Swiss company by Financial Times

Unit8 entered the Scale Up Vaud program in March 2022, along with 10 other high-growth companies. "We are happy and excited to join the dynamic community of scale-ups in Vaud and to participate in the future development of the local technology scene," said Unit8 founder Marcin Pietrzyk after joining Scale Up Vaud on March 8, 2022.


Onward or the march to success

On March 8, 2022, Swiss newspaper Le Temps told the story of how the Vaud-based scale-up Onward achieved the largest-ever IPO in the medtech sector in Europe, and how it is working to commercialise its mobility restoration technology.